From creative conceptualization to completion, ACA offers our clients fully produced radio and television commercials. We utilize the latest audio recording and video editing equipment and software to generate advertising that stands apart and gets results. We also offer digital marketing services that help our clients create and maintain a better online presence and connect with their customers.



Holiday Furniture Ads

Holiday Furniture Ads

At ACA TV & Radio Production, we do holiday furniture ads that really get noticed. If you’re thinking about doing a TV ad, we’ll work with your budget to deliver an exceptional television commercial that will exceed your expectations. In fact, you may wonder why you waited so long to call us.

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Ads get results- so whether you’re considering a radio ad or a television spot, you’ll discover the return on your investment will be significant. Our production specialists from ACA will be happy to sit down with you to analyze your objectives in advertising and help you make the right decision for your needs. Most of our clients are surprised to learn just how affordable it is to broadcast holiday furniture ads on both the radio and television. Let’s consider the benefits:

For Television Advertising

  • While TV advertising costs more, the advantages are numerous. People spend more time watching and listening to television compared with any other platform, so it’s no surprise that more businesses turn to television for a high ROI.
  • TV offers numerous time-slot options designed to fit every budget- from 6-second clips to longer, more detailed ads.
  • Television advertising can be directed toward a targeted audience, further improving its rate of success- so your holiday furniture ads will be seen by the right people at the right time.
  • TV advertising is still one of the most affordable methods of reaching large audiences within the local community.

For Radio Advertising

  • Radio advertising delivers your short, succinct message to an already captive audience.
  • Radio listeners typically do not change the station when commercials air.
  • Radio allows a deep reach into the local community at an amazingly low price point.
  • Listening engages an audience’s attention in a way that a television commercial simply can’t. Active, cognitive processing of information results in higher retention- and that means sales.
  • When working with a smaller budget, radio can mean high returns on your advertising dollars.
  • Radio advertising can be catered to a specific type of audience, just as television ads are.
  • More frequent ads get your brand noticed in the local area.

Holiday Sales Event

If you’re planning a sales event for an upcoming holiday, we can ensure it’s a success from start to finish. Our creative production staff uses the very latest audio and video equipment to deliver a superior product. We’ll work closely with you to understand your objectives and ensure your holiday furniture ads are everything you envisioned- and more.

Getting the word out before the holiday arrives is vital in reaching your audience with the word- that they’ll save money by shopping at your furniture store. It’s about timing, but it’s also about creating something unique and visually engaging so that viewers who have been thinking about shopping for furniture will be inspired to drive down to your store and take a look at what is happening during the limited time-frame of your sale.

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Holiday Furniture Ads


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